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Greeting from Joseph Wilhelm
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One World Award: Nacianceno Mejos Pacalioga
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Mayor Jun’s projects and impressive achievements are an extraordinary and highly inspiring example of sustainability “in the field”. The synergies created by combining the three pillars of sustainability are “best practice” at its best. Remarkable is also that the missing fourth pillar in the defi nition of sustainability -the cultural dimension- is cultivated and nurtured in the community of Dumingag.

The jury is impressed how Mayor Jun’s dedication and charisma encourages the people to take up their fate and develop together their community. The Jury recognizes with admiration the commitment of the people who meet the objectives and realize the ambitious goals of their “Genuine People’s Agenda”.

Mayor Jun shows in a unique way what good government means in practice which deserves not only worldwide attention, but should also inspire politicians and local/regional governments to follow his example in their own ways .

Awarding Mayor Jun and the citizens of Dumingag with the OWA 2012 reflects the goal of the OWA objective to encourage people to (more) involvement for a happy liveable future and a peaceful society.

Mayor Jun, the institutions and the people of Dumingag proove that organic agri culture is a perfect fundation for a holi stic sustainable regional development which not only leads to ecological harmony and economic prosperity, but to “all inclusive” welfare and well being.

Nacianceno Mejos Pacalioga

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