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Greeting from Joseph Wilhelm
Greeting from Katherine Di Matteo
Lifetime Achievement Award: Bhaskar H. Save
Personality Award: Prof. Wangari Matu Maathai
One World Award: Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren
One World Award: Rachel Anyango Agola
Finalists 2010
Beti Minkin
El Ceibo
Franziska Kaguembega–Müller
Helmy Abouleish
Rationale of the Jury


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"One World Award" – Positive Examples of Globalization –
Selection of the Finalists

Egypt/Bolivia/Burkina Faso/Switzerland/Turkey/Germany, June 2010]
The jury made its decision, the five finalists of the second international “One World Award” have been chosen. The on-site visits confirmed that the activities of the nominees agree with the objectives of the “One World Award”.

With their extraordinary engagement, the five finalists of the „One World Award“ 2010 give globalization a positive dimension and help create a future worth living. The finalists are:

  Beti Minkin
El Ceibo
Franziska Kaguembega-Müller
Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren
Helmy Abouleish

Now the question remains which finalist will receive the hand-made „One World Award“ statue and the award money of 25,000 Euro that is donated by RAPUNZEL NATURKOST.

The decision will be made by the jury members Joseph Wilhelm, founder and Managing Director of RAPUNZEL NATURKOST, the two laureates of the Right Livelihood Award, Vandana Shiva from India and Tewolde Egziabher from Ethiopia and IFOAM Vice President Roberto Ugas from Peru. The winner will be presented on September 17, 2010 at the Rapunzel Festival in Legau.

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